Mirrored by the ocean, we see the sun's lightbeam reflecting into the infinite blue skies. On a day like this, we're reminded that even the ocean has its moments of calmness and stillness. Welcoming waves of change while quietly perceiving our stream of thoughts.

As we discover what the year has in store for us, we're shifting our focus to one of the four elements of nature, Water. Disguised as a shapeshifter, water permeates and shapes everything it touches. Its adaptability in nature guides us to adjust to any situation at hand and weather the worst storms simply by being still. A sense of clarity exudes from the stillness of water, inviting a renewed spirit in times of need.

The water signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - are emotional and intuitive. Much like the ocean, their emotions flow in a constant motion, some days as a steady stream and other days with the ferocious gush of a waterfall. As opposed to the Fire element, the Water sign do not resist change, instead they would find harmony and adapt to its environment.

Gemstones such as Moonstone, Aquamarine, Kyanite, and Clear Quartz reflect and amplify the traits of a Water sign. On a journey of self-healing, it teaches us how to look deep within ourselves, be still during times of trouble and seek clarity for the future. In hopes of guiding you through the vast ocean, we have curated specific gemstones to evoke clarity and calmness in your daily practice.


Known as the stone of new beginnings, the Moonstone enchants us to embrace new chapters while learning to accept and process the journey, rather than being overwhelmed.


With colours that resonate the ocean, the Aquamarine gently cleanses, protects and works with the throat chakra. Ensuring a steady voice is heard for clear-headed communication and being vocal about your desires in life.


A companion for those prone to quick bursts of anger or anxiety. Kyanite soothes one’s feelings and heals them with its natural properties. Encouraging you to take control of your life and find a path suited for you.

Clear Quartz

Its luminosity shields you from negative energy and introduces a newfound purpose. Clear Quartz is a sublime emotional aid especially for those seeking for encouragement.

Like water, there are many ways to find openings and flow through different obstacles in life. Sometimes it helps to be still and seek clarity from within. With a little guidance, we are able to flow freely and adapt to our everyday.