Welcome to our journal, a collection of stories we adore, and mindful rituals that breathe life into Feithe. Open to all walks of life, this is a safe space for our feitheful community, for both peace and passion. A guide through new beginnings, now, and always. Written with mindful intentions, may these pages fill you with a desire for growth, and a gentle reminder that acts of self-care are just as important as any other.

Meet Feithe, a jewellery brand with the intention of empowerment, growth, and self-betterment, featuring distinctive properties of crystals.

A journey in Feithe.

In 2020, we had our first radio breakthrough with BFM Radio. Invited as guest interviewers for their ‘Open For Business’ podcast series. Our founder, Sharon Chai shared her journey with Feithe from its humble beginnings to a brand of three years and counting.

The meaning of Feithe.

Feithe is my interpretation of faith. I’ve always believed that anything can be accomplished with faith. Five years ago, I started a handicraft business as my side hustle, but little did I know that I was shy of a few steps from my dream - starting Feithe. Till today, Feithe is a gentle reminder of intentional living with faith.

Feithe’s intentions.

Feithe reminds me of how far I have come, through the highs and lows, to where I am today. I hope Feithe finds a home in each of you, be your guide through new beginnings and a reminder for mindful intentions, now, and always.

Sharon’s background

A graphic designer with a growing passion for jewellery and crystals.

Before Feithe

Before Feithe was born, I started my first venture in making dreamcatchers simply because I was a light sleeper. Often times, I would be awakened by nightmares and unruly dreams. That’s when I found it fascinating that dreamcatchers were made for this exact purpose - a talisman that traps nightmares and protects you in your sleep. 

Riding on the excitement, I started making and selling dreamcatchers under the name of Dreamchasers. Our returning customers commented that the dreamcatchers help them to sleep better. 

At that moment, I found the joy and purpose of my craft - to heal and help others.

Since then, I rebranded Dreamchaser into Feithe, and started diving into crystal jewellery as a day-to-day wear.

How it all started

At the age of 17, I had lost my mother to cancer. The grief from her departure lingered to haunt me, even though I wasn’t aware that I was depressed. Then, I was brought to see a crystal healer and was given my first gemstone that ‘picked me’ - a teardrop Prehnite. The healer asked me to interact with the crystals by talking to it, opening myself to it and setting my intentions. Like many others, there was a slight doubt that these gemstones could help ease my sadness. But with every passing day, my faith in these crystals grows stronger, incorporating them in my daily routine. Through the crystal’s healing power, I found a way to fulfil my purpose.

Feithe’s crystals origin

Our crystals hail from all parts of the world. Prior to the pandemic, I would usually handpick these crystals from my travels abroad - Thailand and Australia being my favourites. Since travelling isn’t as accessible as before, I’ve been contacting suppliers to have my selected gemstones shipped over to Malaysia.

On the materials

When it comes to designing jewellery, my first priority would be creating something you never need to take off. After layers of research, Feithe has decided to invest in our preferred base material, 14k gold filled stainless steel - a stainless steel core wrapped with a 14k gold bond that is 50 times thicker than ordinary plated jewellery. This discovery allows our jewellery to be shower friendly, sweat resistant and have anti-fading colour.

Choosing the right crystal.

Pick the first crystal that resonates with you - a crystal that compels you to touch it, try it on, or in some way, reminds you of a person or friend you’ve known for years. In the crystal realm, certain crystal vibrations resonate with the energy in our bodies, and when that harmonizing stone energy is within our reach, it strengthens the energy within us. 


This simply means that when you are attracted to a crystal, your body calls out for its energy. We always start by asking our customers which crystal they find the prettiest, from there we begin to understand the properties they seek and ask them if they are looking to improve a certain aspect in their life which the crystal represents.

On the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, we were unable to host pop-up shops and our local stockists were closed. However, we managed to build an online presence and started engaging more with our community through social media. Soon, our Instagram DMs were flooding with orders, appreciation letters and kind words. We then decided to create an official website to attend to everyone.

On packaging experience.

Opening a gift always gives you a giddy feeling of excitement and anticipation. 
As someone who also enjoys the unboxing experience and occasionally buying something for their unique packaging, we want that feeling to reflect in our customers too. In a time where a majority of people turn to online shopping as retail therapy, we feel that the lack of face-to-face interaction and customer service can be saddening. 
That’s why we’ve poured our time and effort into designing our Feithe packaging, making your unboxing experience an unforgettable one, for you and your loved ones.

Versatile jewellery

Our Classique collection is all about versatility, with necklaces and chains you can style in your own way. Most of our Feithe accessories can be purchased separately, so you can put together your own look -  layering chains with a little bit of intention seeking with our crystal charms.


We’re always on the lookout to collaborate with other brands! Feel free to reach out to us @feithe.co or feithe.co@gmail.com.

Future plan

Looking forward to bringing in a wider range of jewelleries and lifestyle products. And (fingers crossed) a bigger Feithe studio - a space for healing, community bonding, relaxation, an escape.
Discover and shop Sharon’s pick here, or connect with @sharon.chai_