Here at Feithe, we believe that jewellery goes beyond aesthetics. Our pieces are crafted to bring a familiarity of home, a guide through new beginnings and a reminder for mindful intentions. 

Our Aura journal invites you to explore the process behind this collection, from conception to completion.


Aura represents a luminous, spiritual energy that surrounds one’s self. Much like the layers of an onion, Aura surrounds you with 7 layers of energy (chakras), each revolving around your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Having been conceptualised since November 2020, my initial intention was to design a collection around birthstone pendants. My journey of research began with Cubic Zirconia, a much sought after crystal with a wide range of colours. But later, realising that I intended for Feithe’s designs to revolve around genuine gemstones as it grants us with its healing properties. 

This ethereal collection is also inspired by a kaleidoscope of colours - much like an  Aura’s layers. Its myriad of colours resonates with different personalities and feelings, encouraging everyone to embrace your own colour, and identity. 

With that, we are proud to share with you our Collector Necklace. You’ll spot our Collector ring attached to it as well! 

Though it shines on its own, we recommend pairing it with your birthstone to bring out your story.

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