Fire is often seen as an icon of rage, passion, light and destruction. Its raging shade of red and pointed triangular shape makes it the most fearsome out of all of nature's elements. However, in most cultures, fire symbolises the destruction of the old and the birth of the new. A transformative force that brings about change and new beginnings.

"Fire symbolises the destruction of the old and birth of the new"

Often times when one is surrounded in darkness and confusion, we look upon fire for enlightenment to ignite our path and shed light on the unknown. The fire element enhances the positive qualities of the Aries, Leo & Sagittarius star signs. These Fire signs rely on their inner light for guidance and are often filled with creative 'sparks' driven by ambition.


Widely referred to as the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are passion driven individuals and love to be number one in everything they do. Ruled by Mars, the fiery planet of war, Aries make bold and ambitious leaders but are sometimes get carried away in their own mission, forgetting about others. They are represented by horned rams and often rush into things head first. Amongst the Fire signs, they are undoubtedly confident, strong and motivated especially in accomplishing their tasks.


The traits of a Leo literally and figuratively resembles a Lion. Their confidence shines through their personality like a Lion's mane and they have the most generous of hearts among all the Fire signs. They possess leadership and look out for the pact. Ensuring that no one gets left behind, they look out for each other and share a communal energy.


The Sagittarius also roams the Earth as a four-legged animal. But, unlike Aries and Leo, the Sagittarius is half human and equipped with a bow and an arrow. They represent the warmth in human relationships and are often messengers of information between people. Though they may be distracted by the stories of other people, they make the most sociable Fire Sign and easily adapt to any social situations. Their human-like form brings them an insatiable wanderlust for globetrotting adventures and seeking truth in their own beliefs.

Gemstones and Crystals for the Fire Signs

Fire element healing crystals are powerful tools for protection and purification. Much like its actual flames, these crystals possesses shades of red and orange. They make great guides for those in search of courage and willpower.


Known as the stone of passion, Garnet purifies and energizes your inner Chakra. Naturally drawing love into your life and relationships with its red glow. Garnet will help you find courage when facing obstacles and harness hope for the tomorrow's possibilities.

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The Stone of Nobility, Ruby is usually the most iconic Fire crystal, symbolising courage and a zest for life. It works wonders for those seeking for motivation to take on new challenges in life.

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Carnelian is a stone of creativity, often used to attract inspiration and sharpen concentration. A Carnelian's gift lie in sparking energising flames. It ignites your inner fire and drives you to go further with your goals, desires and dreams.

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The Sunstone's fire element draws from the Sun, giving you self-empowerment, independence and a fiery strength. It also represents a stone of luck and fortune, acting as an effective barrier against misfortunate incidents.

With the fire element, a little goes a long way. You just need a spark to ignite your ideas and inner courage to take on new challenges and open doors to different chapters in your life.