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Libras are peaceful, charming creatives.

Blue-green colored gemstones such as Labradorite and Aquamarine contain both the heart (green) and throat (blue) chakra energy, allowing these particular frequencies to increase the flow of love from the heart to the throat, the channel of communication and expression.

Yellow and golden-colored gemstones like Citrine are perfect for uplifting the Libra soul with its energizing and expansive energy. Symbolizing the full strength of the midday sun at its peak, this bright and cheerful color stimulates the Libra mind with clarity, focus, and intuitive observation. White gemstones like Moonstone help the Libra connect with the universe on a deeper level by serving as the bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Our dreamy collection hopes to bring out their unique personality, and a present reminder to love themselves and appreciate each other.

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