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A letter from nature, reminding us to flourish wherever we are.


Bloom beautifully in the most unexpected places, where their petals blossom when greeted by the sun and their leaves dance when kissed by the wind.

Growing freely in the beauty and joy of every day, Wildflowers are our newest inspiration behind our collection of the same name. It speaks to the rise and fall of life, and the challenges we often face along the way.

A letter from nature, reminding us to flourish wherever we are.

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Celebrate New Beginnings.

Every ending is a new beginning. Embarking on a new adventure calls for curiosity, anticipation and exciting changes.

These are moments worth celebrating, no matter how big or small. 

Feithe invites you to give yourself a space for reflection to acknowledge how far you’ve come, wherever you are. 

We’re here to celebrate you!

Shower friendly and tarnish free.

Design with intentions

Mindful gifting

Mindful gifting for them, and for you.

New beginnings are all around us. 

Disguised as moments of transition and change, 

we are reminded to celebrate these moments and acknowledge how far we’ve come.

We hope this gift guides you and inspires you to be your truest self.

Today, it’s about celebrating you!

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A reminder of everyday intentions.

Mabel Collection

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A journey in Feithe

"I hope Feithe finds a home in each of you, be your guide through new beginnings and a reminder for mindful intentions, now, and always."

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Discover your gemstone

Charme Collection

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Designed for everyday wear, shower friendly and tarnish free.

Classique Collection

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Offering an array of household companions for a comfortable and complete lifestyle.

Living by Feithe

Tarnish Free classic pieces.


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I've bought a necklace & bracelet 1-2 years ago and it's still in very good condition with the fact that I wear it everyday!

Kah Lee

I love the necklace so much. The packaging was so nice and a great opening experience as well. Would definitely repeat order again to purchase for my friends. Thank you so much!


I'm in love with the Mabel Series bracelet cause it looks elegant & delicate. Love Feithe!

Poh Yi
A journey in Feithe

Celebrate New Beginnings.

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