Rollers & Gua Sha

What is crystal roller?

Crystal facial roller originated from the use of Jade Roller in the Chinese history. It is a tool used back then for keeping a beautiful skin and keeping women from aging. Today it is still being widely used by professionals with magnificent results on the face health. Today, various crystal are being used as the material, all for intention of great skincare. We also utilize attunement with crystals by combining crystal healing with skincare routine, all for self betterment.

Crystal Roller For Your Best Skin

Pretty sure that you have encountered or at least seen a couple of different types of crystal rollers alongside of facial and skincare products. While crystal rollers come in many material, length, and sizes, the way of using them are the same, quick and easy. It is recommended to be used with skincare products such as serum, face cream, and sheet masks.

Why use crystal roller?

Crystal roller is a massage tool. Massage different parts of face to see better result of absorption as well as help skincare products to sink in more.

Here’s some benefits of why we highly recommend massaging with our crystal roller:-
1.Encourage lymphatic drainage
2.Increase circulation
3.Relax muscle tensions
4.Reduce signs of aging
5.Reduce puffiness
6.Increase absorption of facial products
7.Reduce growth of dead skin
8.Help achieving V-face

Why crystal roller instead of other materials?

Crystal Roller not only is an easy massage tool to use, crystal itself has unique metaphysical qualities. Different crystals carry different energy that can attune with our human body, mind, and soul. For example, Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, helps open up the Heart Chakra which improves receiving and giving of love. Because of that, we tend to improve our relationship with our sources of love, be it family, friendship, or romance.

How to use a Facial Roller

It is easier than you expected! Just roll them up and out on all parts of your face for a healthier face and a better look. Here’s a diagram of how to use a facial roller:-